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While the information and communications technology such as smartphones and personal computers is socially and economically benefiting our lives amongst the world, we are facing a borderless information security threats such as information leakage caused by suspicious emails. Such threats are our common problem which has no national boundaries and we need to tackle this in cooperation with other countries.
Therefore, the Japanese government sets up the "International Cybersecurity Campaign" to be conducted every year in October in addition to the "Information Security Awareness Month" which is implemented every year in February. As a part of the campaign, we organize events utilizing international collaboration with other countries, and provide information on information security measures. In that way, we facilitate international collaboration and raise domestic awareness of information security measures.


Message from the Chief Cabinet Secretary (in Japanese)
A message emphasizing the importance of information security was released.
*Prime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet Official Website

 - International Cybersecurity Cafe -ASEAN x Japan What is the Difference of Security Cultures- (3rd October, 2015)  *Event CLOSED
 - Cyber Halloween Career Talks (30th October, 2015)
  [in Japanese]  *Event CLOSED
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