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Information Security Handbook for Network Beginners

About "Information Security Handbook for Network Beginners"

National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) has created a handbook as part of the awareness raising activities for cybersecurity. This handbook is aimed at introducing basic knowledge on cybersecurity from familiar topics and learning it together with us. Let's deepen understanding together to realize a safe and secure internet society that can everyone use with peace of mind!
The copyright of this handbook is owned by NISC, but this can be utilized in various ways as long as used for cyversecurity awareness raising on the condition that the contents are not modified.
[Example of utilization]
  •    Free distribution in PDF, copied or printed format, or sales at the price of actual expense for printing
  •    Use by a page or illustration
  •    Distribution in multiple volumes or excerpts of necessary parts
  •    Creation of douwnload link on the website
  •    Putting the name of the organization on the front cover
  •    Combined with related material of the organization


Information Security Handbook for Network Beginners

  PDF version
 -   Whole version (28.7MB)

Sprit version by chapter
 -    Prologue  What Is a Cyber-Attack? (14.3MB)

 -    Chapter 1 Basic Security - A step-by-step guide to strengthen your security - (14.4MB)