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 If you create a hyperlink to the Website on Information Security Awareness Raising, you do not need to file a request but do comply with the following requirements.

Creating Link

 A hyperlink destination should be the Website on Information Security Awareness Raising " ". Any hyperlink to other pages may become a dead link upon modification to the site structure.
 In case of a hyperlink from a framed website, our content should be displayed in a new window or any other measures should be taken for clearly showing that the content is of the Website on Information Security Awareness Raising.
 No hyperlinks from the following websites:
 ・Websites containing abuse and slander against or attempts to discredit the third party;
 ・Websites infringing any rights including intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, etc.), privacy, 
  and portrait rights, or websites which are liable to such infringement;
 ・Websites containing any antisocial content (sexually explicit content, etc.);
 ・Websites containing any content which is incompatible with laws and regulations and offensive to
  public order and moral; and
 ・Websites that NISC determines to be problematic
 Please note that NISC undertakes no responsibility for any websites from which hyperlinks are created.
 After creating a hyperlink, please let us know through "Your Feedback".
 NISC holds the ownership and copyright of the banner. The content and design of this banner may be changed without prior notice.

Campaign Banner

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