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The challenges of cyber security in Lao Society
LaoCERT/Ministry of Posts and telecommunications
Lao P.D.R



At the present, technology is very important for living, it makes their life more comfortable from getting up till sleeping, especially the persons who live in downtown have to compete with limited time, on the other hand technology is the best way to take more liveable and save time as well.
Even though, technology gives us more comfortable, but it has both advantages and disadvantages for many Lao people who do not be aware about cyber security. There are only few groups of people keep eyes on cyber security and cybercrime. We can say that many Lao people still follow cyber behaviour what popular in the cyber world without depth understanding and do not think much about security. So, to enhancing knowledge of society to reduce risk is needed time, because technology always steps forward in every second.
The incident was happened in Lao society with modern technology is “cyber users’ careless” which can lead to huge disaster for oneself and beloved persons such as cheating, slander, wrong data source, human trafficking, drug trafficking, selling weapons and illegal trading. Facebook is the leading social media channel for Lao people mostly users’ unthinkable with a dangerous if there is someone who uses fake account to cheat their assets there are many cases have happened and hundred thousand dollars gone.
However, Reference with problems arise the Government has assigned the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications responsible task of ICT in the mechanisms, legislations and system analyses to be used as a tool to cover managing and decreasing of the internet arising by established LaoCERT under Ministry of Post and Telecommunications as the contact point to handle the incidents and issues of computer and internet security along with promoting ASEAN-Japan activities on information awareness raising by dissemination and contribution likes materials such as: Poster, Sticker and Handbook to Government, private and publish sectors to be aware of internet’s dangerous and encourages their knowledge to understanding the issue including how to protect themselves from the Cyber threat.

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