TOP | 2016 | Weekly Column | (Malaysia) Exposing yourself to the world

Exposing yourself to the world
Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission
Assistant Director
Mr. Muhamad Hashimi Anwar bin Mohd Azizi

Social media offers many free thing including applications, games and information. However, many of these free offering have hidden charges or tempting user to pay with advertisement. Social media user need to be careful so that they will not fall to these traps.
If user share personal information such as phone numbers, home addresses, personal pictures, these could fall into the wrong hands. Even if you have set privacy settings to friends only, they can share your information, thus allowing their friends to see them. So, it’s not impossible for stalker or criminals to target the user.
It would be dangerous if user casually posting that he/she are alone at the moment while sharing his/her current location. Most of the application on smart phone and social media require you to turn on the location settings. This can put user in danger, especially if the information is seen by criminals. These include stalker, identity thieves or anyone who are bored and just waiting for the victim to be stirred, bullied or exposed. When user give them this kind of information, it is like allowing themselves to be bullied and harassed.
It would be hard to erase user information in the cyber world. Information might last forever and at any time can haunt the user again. The best measure is to be careful or you might be a targeted someday. 

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