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Stay Safe when using Mobile Devices
Lao Computer Emergency Response Team (LaoCERT), Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT)
Acting Director of Management and Cooperation Division 

Lao is a small country and there is less population compare with other countries. Currently, people start using smart devices more and more as it is convenience especially people use internet via smart phone are increasingly. Smart devices are becoming smarter and more connected and allow you to access a wealth of information and other services. Some people make the use of Internet and Social Media for internet banking, money withdraw, money transfer, transaction via internet, marketing, providing services and for information sharing.
However, although using of internet is very useful and convenient for people life in society, but people should know about internet threats, how to be safe for using internet for not become the internet victims.
When using smart devices it is important to consider the possible risks associated, and to ensure you take care to use them safely and responsibly.
The risks of using mobile devices include:

  •    Theft or loss
  •    Disclosure of private information
  •    Fraudulent use of your information

 And also need to know kind of mobile threat include:

  •    Viruses, spyware & malware
  •    Phishing scams
  •    Unauthorized access of private information via Bluetooth
  •    Fraudulent use of your data connection via Bluetooth
  •    Unauthorized access of usernames and passwords stored on your smart device 

Things to remember when using smart devices to be more securely and safety.

  •    Keep your personal details or information in private.
  •    Always keep your mobile screen locked when not in use.
  •    Do not download application that you don’t trust.
  •    Using the pin or pass code that not easily be guessed
  •    Set your device automatically lock if it hasn't been used for a few minutes.
  •    Keep the software on your phone up to date
  •    Encrypt your sensitive information
  •    Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use
  •    Use free public WiFi with caution
  •    Treat your phone as your wallet
  •    Be aware of what permissions you are granting
  •    Regularly clear out the apps you don't use

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