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Safe and secure internet usage
VNCERT, under Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam.
Deputy Head of Consulting and Training Division
Mr. Bui Thanh Ha

According to the newest public information from Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam, so far Vietnam has 52% population using internet and become one of the top 20 of the most internet usage countries in the world. Almost the city citizens access internet every day to read news, chat, check mail or exploit various online great information resources.
But not all of them aware of cyber security threats. According to survey of Vietnam Information Security Association only around 40% of questioned people worry about the risk of privacy disclosure, bank theft or cyberattacks on internet.
There is an opinion to stress that the awareness is accounted for 90% of the safe internet usage. This is right for Vietnam now.
In many reports of the big companies such as Symantec, Kaspersky there are about 50% of computers of internet users in Vietnam with high risk of malware infection.
To solve this situation in 2015 Vietnam Government approved to deploy a project of cyber security awareness raising in the whole country. The targets of the project is to reduce the rate of cyber incidents happened by low awareness to under 50%; is to bring dissemination and propaganda of information security to 80% government officials, is to educate 90% journalists and reporters with knowledge of cybersecurity threads, cyber attack trends, responsibilities to secure the network.
In fact from many years ago government had launched the programs such as deploying projects of IT training, establishing the information security agencies, calling investment in information security, encouraging the private sector to do business in cybersecurity area. Those really helped Vietnam to change the basic knowledge and awareness about the safety and security on internet.
Together with government there were and there are many companies and associations to carry out the cyber security propaganda campaigns in the big cities. They organized the events for various kind of audience.
Microsoft, Google actively provide the training course, workshops for experts, technicians. They and other global companies such as Symantec, Kaspersky, IBMlll became the gold sponsors of the conferences in cyber security.
The International Data Group (IDG) organize annual Security World conferences, CSO award, e-banking events. Many Vietnamese experts and other ASEAN specialists received the title of the best CSO by IDG.
In November every year, Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) holds the Information Security Day event. It includes many activities of contest for students, the best Vietnamese security products awards, training and conferences. This contribute a big value to the development of Vietnam.
Regarding to international cooperation Vietnam also participates in many organizations, forum related to cybersecurity. We are the members of APCERT, ANSAC, CAMP. We attend the cybersecurity working groups of ITU, ASEAN, APECTEL, APT, ARF.... 

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