TOP | 2016 | Weekly Column | (Myanmar) Importance of Staying Safe on Smart Devices

Importance of Staying Safe on Smart Devices and the Precautions Not to Become the Victims of Cyber Crimes
Professor and Supervisor

Importance of Staying Safe on Smart Devices
Today, Smart Devices are increasingly becoming essential in our lives. This dependence brings out new risks that represent a real threat to our society.  In today’s digital age where we live and work, citizens and businesses at risk of cyber security breaches.  In a digital age, ever more reliant on digital devices within an information society, there is an increasing number of dangers. It is introducing new opportunities but also new challenges and risks in terms of individual rights, privacy, security, cybercrime, the flow of personal data, and access to information. The main way to be safe is to prevent those threats.
Due to the growing importance and tremendous incremental growth of the usage of smart devices Worldwide, it is a critical challenge to take into account upon the issues of “Stay Safe on Smart Devices”.
As you all know, our country is just developing but we are still facing the issues on cybercrimes concerned with smart phones because of the progressing in smart phone usage year by year. It is also very important to give awareness to Myanmar People not to become the cybercrime victims of Smart Devices. It is indeed a national challenge for every developed and developing country.
Precautions Not to Become the Victims of Cyber Crimes

  1. Please Install Security Software for your Smart Devices.
  2. Please Encrypt your Smart Devices.
  3. Please Set Lock screen Security that Self-Destructs.
  4. Please Turn off Settings When Not In Use.
  5. Please Do not Download Shady and Fishy Applications.
  6. Please Be wary of any links you receive via Email or Text Message.
  7. Please Aware of your surroundings while using your Smart Device in Public.
  8. Please Beware of Hackers and Scammers. 
  9. Please Check your Applications’ Permissions.
  10. Please Turn off Automatic Wi-Fi Connection.
  11. Please Turn off Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication) when Not In Use.
  12. Please Beware of Leaky Applications and Malware.
  13. Please only Download Applications from Approved Sources.
  14. Please do not miss Operating System Updates for your Smart Devices.
  15. Please Record your Smart Device Setting Information.
  16. Please Set a password/PIN to your Smart Devices.
  17. Please Report all Smart Device Thefts immediately to your Wireless Carrier and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.
  18. Please Regularly back up photos and data of your Smart Devices.
  19. Please Keep Mobile Devices hidden when not in use.
  20. Please Make sure that all mobile devices are equipped with the “Find My Phone App.” This can help authorities track down a stolen device.
  21. Please Be careful of open Wi-Fi hotspots and Networks.


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