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Stay Safe on Surfing the Internet
Official, CamCERT
Department of ICT Security
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Mr. Kim Ann

Today, society is affected by the many advances technology and it affects almost every person in the world. One of the prevalent technologies was the invention and mass use of the Internet. Today more than ever, people around the world use the Internet to support their personal and business tasks on a daily basis. The Internet is a portal into vast amounts of information concerning almost every aspect of life including education, business, politics, entertainment, social networking, and world security. Although the Internet has become a key resource in developing the world, the mass use of Internet has highlighted a major problem, privacy and the protection of individual, corporate, and even government security.
Within the advantage of the Internet, is Internet safe and secure? Internet is widely use around the globe. For normal user, Internet is about E-mail, Google, Social Network, Etc., but for those with intermediate understanding of Computer system, Devices, Network, Application, Databases, Internet is more about security, privacy and information online. Internet itself is not secure but most people will never stop using because it changes the way they work, communicate and running business faster and easier online.
Today, it could be said that users of the Internet, are at more risk than they ever have been. With our advancing technologies, and ever-evolving internet social culture it has made it increasingly easy for this concept we rely so heavily upon to be used not only for exploitation but also for criminal purposes. When we discuss aspects of Internet security, there are many areas that could be studied. Being a regular IT user, and an area I am fluent in, I have a fairly strong opinion on which areas of internet safety I believe to be of more concern.
The safety of using Internet is the most important aspect of information technology. It has been years since computer has been invented and to keep the information confidential we have to safeguard this information. The importance of integrating security measures into systems development. Every business has their own security systems to reach their goals of information security. The computer world created security systems in order to reduce risk, maintain confidentiality, ensure the reliability of data resources, and compliance with national security laws and privacy policies and laws.
In order to be safe and secure for internet usage around the globe, we need focus more on security. Raising awareness is one of an option to help people fulfill the lack of awareness that will lead to unsafe internet usage, though awareness alone is not enough because people are not the same, the different between knowledge gap could lead to risk of security breach easily of their online activities. Law, act or regulator related to internet usage and its safety must be applied, so people will follow security guideline to adjust privacy, security settings, to avoid phishing scams, to use public Wi-Fi safely, to safeguard their computers, laptops and devices, to keep digital data secure and to protect privacy online for internet usage.
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