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Information Security Tips of the Day 2012

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October 1   Users should use passwords that are at least 8 alphanumeric characters comprising upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and symbols.
October 2   Use Different Password for Different Services.
October 3   Change passwords frequently. eg. every 90 days. 
October 4   Keep your Operating system and applications updated. 
October 5   Always install personal Firewall for each of your computers. 
October 8   Lock your computer with password. 
October 9   UPDATE YOUR ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE NOW. Install and automatically update anti-virus software now. 
October 10   Scan virus before opening files. 
October 11   Don't Forget to Back-up Data regularly. 
October 12   To secure your wireless network, use WPA/WPA2 encryption. 
October 15   Make sure you connect to authorized wireless networks only. 
October 16   Scan your computer files and any removable media such as USB drives, CD-ROMs, etc. 
October 17   Please do not simply give your personal details to the unknown website/person.
October 18   Transmit your confidential data using encryption such as SSL.
October 19   Verify TO, CC, BCC and attached files before sending e-mail.
October 22   Do not open emails and email attachments from unknown sources.
October 23   Do not click on links in any message requesting personal or financial information.
October 24   Be aware who is sending e-mail.
October 25   Download freeware/ shareware only from trusted web site.
October 26   Update and test your knowledge of information security.
October 29   Be aware of spam targeting 1 click scam.
October 30   Beware! Office data may leak through personal devices.