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Information Security Tips of the Day

October 1   Download data from trusted website only. (Laos)
October 2   Install Anti-virus software and scan your device regularly. (Singapore)

October 5   Watch out, your click might lead internet scam. (Japan)
October 6   Personal information on social networks may become tools for evils. (Vietnam)
October 7   Don't click any links that are not trusted. (Myanmar)
October 8   Don't access to websites requiring personal data when using public network. (Malaysia)
October 9   Percceive cybersecurity as investment not cost. (Singapore)

October 12   Stop bullying and cyberbullying, cyberbullying is a breach of manners. (Indonesia)
October 13   Wireless LAN, isn't it a spoofed one? (Japan)
October 14   Keep your computer, operating system and applications up to date. (Myanmar)
October 15   Don't upload anything that might embarrass you at a later date. (Philippines)
October 16   Enable Auto-update and keep on securing Operating System. (Singapore)

October 19   Insecure system is targeted at first. (Japan)
October 20   Set stronger passwords. (Cambodia)
October 21   Your USB is equivalent to your private wallet. (Vietnam)
October 22   Uninstall unnecessary applications to reduce the risks of being attacked. (Thailand)
October 23   Change your password regularly. (Singapore)

October 26   Delete any emails that look suspicious. (Malaysia)
October 27   Take care the network settings when you connect public network. (Indonesia)
October 28   Encrypt your important files to be more secured. (Laos)
October 29   When you are away from a desk, keep your computer locked. (Vietnam)
October 30   Keep secure not only your PC but also your smartphone/tablet. (Brunei)