TOP | 2015 | Weekly Column | Initiatives and activities related to Cyber Security in Myanmar.

Initiatives and activities related to Cyber Security in Myanmar.
Professor and Supervisor
Ms. Mie Mie Su Thwin
Our country's ICT development and Cyber security is in progress and we collaborated more with Cyber Crime department of Myanmar Police Force, other Ministries and other ASEAN Japan security teams widely. As improving awareness activities, we conducted Security Awareness Seminars to Computer Universities and other Ministries.

And for Technical Expertise sharing we gave Technical Workshops and Seminars. To promote the Technical Knowledge and Experience for our Security Team, we participated in International Drills.

Now the proliferation of the Internet usage we encountered more and more Cyber Crimes. In handling Security Incidents, we coordinated and collaborated closely with other security teams.

We still have some issues on:
 - Lack of Security Awareness, Knowledge and Skills.
 - Lack of Security Awareness, Knowledge and Skills.
 - Lack of Understanding, Research Development Requirements.
 - Security Requirements not easily derived.
 - Reluctance to share Security Incident Information.
 - Risk Management and Security Audit not emphasized.
 - Cross-Border Crimes occurred.

And then we found some challenges:
 - Government Driven National Cyber Security Strategy.
 - Professional Skillful Workers.
 - Cyber Law and other relevant legislation and guidelines.
 - Cyber Crime investigation and incident response.
 - Organizational Framework
 - Cyber Security Incident Management Policy.
 - Cyber Security Awareness Activities.

We are now participating in Cyber SEA Game to enhance Youth Cyber Security Skills. The ease and availability of attack tools and its simple usage, detection and prevention are becoming more and more complex and difficult nowadays. It is one of the most serious problems for all and it becomes very hot issue for our country too. There is a common need to resist, reduce, and fight cyber threats and respond to attacks.

So, it is inevitable to manage and solve these Cyber Attacks effectively by coordinating and collaborating with National and International Organizations efficiently and elaborately.