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Information Security Tips of the Day 2013

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October 1   Be wary of suspicious e-mail and offers.
October 2   Always install personal Firewall for each of your computers.
October 3   Scan virus before opening files.
October 4   Don't Forget to Back-up Data regularly.

October 7   To secure your wireless network, use WPA2 encryption. 
October 8   Do not click on links in any message requesting personal or financial information. 
October 9   Be aware who is sending e-mail. 
October11   Make sure you connect to authorized wireless networks only. 

October14   Use Different Password for Different Services. 
October15   Change passwords frequently. eg. every 90 days. 
October16   Download freeware/ shareware only from trusted web site. 
October17   Update and test your knowledge of information security. 
October18   Be aware of spam targeting 1 click scam. 

October21   Beware! Office data may leak through personal devices. 
October22   Disable auto-run. 
October23   UPDATE YOUR ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE NOW.Install and automatically update anti-virus software now.
October24   ALWAYS scan your computer files and any removable media such as USB drives and CD-ROMs before opening them.
October25   Please do not simply give your personal details to the unknown website/person.

October28   Transmit your confidential data using encryption such as SSL.
October29   Verify TO, CC, BCC and attached file before sending e-mail.
October30   Do not open emails and email attachments from unknown sources.
October31   Users should use passwords that are at least 8 alphanumeric characters comprising upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and symbols.